Smorgasburg in Brooklyn

Smorgasburg in Williamsburg

Smorgasburg in Williamsburg

On the last weekend of April (aka the absolute best time of year to visit) I was in New York City for exactly 48 hours. That’s not much time to consume even a fraction of the deliciousness the city has to offer, but I was able to cover lots of ground thanks to Smorgasburg, a buzzy outdoor foodie market held every Saturday in several locations throughout Brooklyn (and now occasionally Central Park as well).

My friend Rosie and I (literally) ran the five miles from her apartment in Chelsea to the Williamsburg waterfront at East River State Park to work up our appetites, and met up with my cousin Aaron so we could catch up and eat more food. The larger the group, the larger the amount of foods we could sample. Power in numbers!

Although I had heard quite a bit about Smorgasburg from raving friends, I did no research prior to arriving. So when I entered the area where all the different vendors are, it was overwhelming to say the least. I was dizzy with happiness, but also a bit anxious. Even though we got there early, there were people everywhere, and how was I going to find and get all the food I wanted to try?

The first thing I spotted that I knew I needed to have was a lobster roll from Red Hook Lobster Pound. I went with “Connecticut Style,” which is served with lemon and warm buttery goodness. They also offer Maine Style (authentic and tossed with a touch of mayo) and Tuscan (dairy free, tossed in a basil vinaigrette).
Next up was a fish ceviche taco from Oaxaca Taqueria– a little taste of Mexico.

I got the last fish ceviche taco so they wiped it off the board before I could snap a picture.

I got the last fish ceviche taco so they wiped it off the board before I could snap a picture.

After Mexican, we headed over to Sunday Gravy NYC for an eggplant parm sandwich, meatball sandwich and Mac & Cheese Italiano (a fried stick filled with mac and cheese).
Dessert for me was organic Cookies & Cream ice cream from Blue Marble, which countless sources including the New York Times, Buzzfeed and Men’s Journal have listed as one of the best ice cream spots in the United States.
I already had an ice cream cone in my hand when I stumbled across Dough, which had the best looking donuts I’ve ever seen. Salted chocolate caramel… yes please!


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