Fish Shack in Pompano Beach

Fish Shack, a Pompano Beach restaurant, is one of Broward County’s best kept secrets.  It came highly recommended to me by a friend who normally dines at the finer places in town.  I think Fish Shack also came recommended to her, as I’m pretty sure that she wouldn’t have stumbled upon it on her own.  Either way, if she had never checked in and posted a raving review of it on Facebook, I probably would’ve never known the place existed or how great it is.

Fish Shack is not located where you’d expect a restaurant to be.  It’s just a little hole in the wall, tucked away in a residential neighborhood in an old, beat-up plaza next door to a convenience store.  If I hadn’t been forewarned about what it looks like on the outside, I’m not sure I would have gone in.

Fish Shack

Although it’s a little sketchy on the outside, I’m really glad we went in because the food was incredible.  The menu mostly consists of local, fresh seafood dishes at extremely reasonable prices.  The fish is brought in daily and can be prepared however you prefer- blackened, grilled, fried, Cajun-style, or cooked with lemon, butter and garlic.

We ordered the buffalo shrimp, fried Ipswich clams and the “catch of the day,” a red snapper.  At our server’s recommendation, we got it garlic butter-style lightly blackened.  Everything came out great, but my favorite was the buffalo shrimp.  I’m a huge fan of buffalo shrimp, but I guess I’m used to ordering them at places that are more of a bar than a restaurant.  Places where the shrimp is delivered frozen rather than fresh, and it sits in a freezer for a few weeks (or months) before being eaten. In comparison, Fish Shack’s buffalo shrimp are 100 times better.  I could taste the difference and tell that these shrimp were fresh and had not spent any time in a freezer.

After our great meal at Fish Shack, we were thrilled to see that our bill only came to about $46.  That same meal would have easily cost $100 at most other seafood restaurants.  Now that I’ve been, I am a big fan of Fish Shack and I encourage every seafood lover in south Florida to go check it out.  I will warn you that there are only about six tables in the entire restaurant and it gets packed on the weekends, so I recommend going early on a weeknight.  Even if you have to wait for a table, I assure you that it’s worth it.

Food- A

Drinks- n/a


Overall- A


4 thoughts on “Fish Shack in Pompano Beach

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  2. Really good food…but…
    My girlfriend and I were enjoying a meal when this 90 year old ( plus) couple comes in..
    The lady was having trouble getting up on the stool at the counter.
    We were finishing our meal and offered them our table.
    While I was paying for our meal,the staff came up and gocef the elderly couple back to the counter( so the could seat 4 instead of 2 at the table)
    It was one of the meanest, hearyless acts I. Have seen done to a poor old couple..they were really embarrassed. ..
    Don’t think i’ll be giving these bullies any more of my business…

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